Patch snare drum 14x7

Patch snare drum 14x7

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A mixture of Douglas Fir and old virgin growth Heart Pine dating back before the 1800’s. The drum kit has a weathered textured feel, just like a old barn from years and rain. It is a 14x7 with all the joints overlapped for ultra strength. The segmented shells will never go out of round or oval shape. The aged wood is locked in place and milled to the 64th of an inch for accuracy. The timeless timbers don’t flex, its very consistent. Just Ask Eddie Fisher from OneRepublic!


  • Snare Size: 14" x 7
  • Shell Material: Douglas Fir/ Heart Pine
  • Shell Construction: Segmented
  • Shell Thickness 3/8"
  • Bearing Edge: Vintage outlaw 45 mix with a Quarter inch radius
  • Reinforcement Ring:
  • Hardware Triple Flanged 2.3
  • Hardware Material: Steel
  • Hoop Type: chrome
  • Lugs: Tube
  • Throw-Off: Dunnett
  • Internal muffler: No
  • Heads: G1 batter and Hazy 300 Res
  • Finish Type: Glazed
  • Country of Origin: United States


This centuries old wood gives a blast of projection and clarity to the drum sound.  That's in direct relationship with the high resin content from the slow growth timber most of which was in the forest in the 1600s. Once this wood is gone it's gone.

 First we disassemble the structure checking all boards with metal detectors. Next we surface plane the ancient wood. Then it is dried in a kiln for weeks. Then and only then do we start the building project.  The American Wood Reborn Series is hand crafted and designed to highlight old nail holes, saw kerfs, spots in the wood that were stained from years of tobacco leaves sitting on it, or where oil ran down and dripped on the floor for years from a mill. On some applications we leave the original nails in the drums and on some occasions use the original bolt holes for venting. Our craftsmen are artists that see with more than their eyes. Each piece of wood is studied to lay out the drum to best highlight the history and story of the wood. Each drum kit is unique and a piece of art.