Cypress Stave Drum Kit

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This drum kit wood is made from old cypress wood. 

We specialize in 200-600 year old wood reclaimed from tobacco barns, gymnasiums, plantation houses and old bridges. First we disassemble the structure checking all boards with metal detectors. Next we surface plane the ancient wood. It is then dried in a kiln for weeks. Then and only then do we start the building project.  The American wood reborn series is hand crafted and designed to highlight old nail holes, saw kerfs, spots in the wood that were stained from years of tobacco leaves sitting on it, or where oil ran down and dripped onto the floor for years from a mill. On some applications we leave the original nails in the drums and on some occasions use the original bolt holes for venting. Our craftsmen are artist that see with more than their eyes. Each piece of wood is studied to lay out the history and story of the drum. Each drum kit is a unique piece of artwork. The waiting list for this line is 2-6 months. 



  • Shell size 9x12w 14x14 16x16w kick 18x22 
  • Shell construction: Stave 
  • Bearing edge: 45°
  • Reinforcement ring: No


  • Hardware material: Steel
  • Hoop type: Triple-flange
  • Lugs: Standard
  • Throw-off: Swivel/Lever
  • Internal muffler: No
  • Snares: Steel


  • Heads: Evans
  • Finish type: Natural
  • Country of origin: United States